Art With Dar

"There are no mistakes, it's all just another layer."

"May I load that brush for you?"

These are phrases often heard in a session with Dar. We dive right into the colors and know we will create something beautiful. Sometimes one layer, sometimes ten, we paint for the joy and learn about color mixing in the process. When you know it's okay to try something new without mistakes, the world is yours, color it. Sessions run one and two hours in length.

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Art Wins Bradley Award

Second Year In a Row

The collaborative work between Dar and six Girl Scouts titled "Pieces of Dragon Flight" won the 2014 Bradley Award which is given to the best collaborative work completed during the Art Venture program. This is the second year in a row that Dar's collaborative has won the Bradley Award. In 2013 the award was given to the painting entitled "Ralphie".

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Educational Seminars

Dar conducts art seminars for educators and their students. Available in Dar's spacious and fully equipped studio facilities, or at your school. Groups of educators can request a seminar to learn fun and educational art projects they can incorporate into their classroom curriculum. For the students, Dar offers a session of learning and fun. Each student will learn about art, art materials and complete a project they can take home with them.